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I received a letter from my pool service company offering me a monetary incentive (letter posted) to post a positive review on Angie's List. I did not accept and as a result I abruptly cancelled my Angie's List membership.

I had turned a skeptical eye towards negative comments I previously read about AL, but now I have tangible proof that some of their contractor reviews may be tainted.

I personally think the Angie's List model is fundamentally flawed and wide open to abuse of this nature. Like many other internet operations, I suspect the real business of AL is data collection.

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Membership.

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That is an unethical company, has nothing to do with Angie's List. btw, that is grounds for being removed from AL, so hope you reported them.

A business can ask for an honest review, but not ask to compensate for it.