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Angies List in Chicago, Illinois - Angie's list is retaliating against me (a former service provider) because I posted negative items here and elswhere.

I have done NOTHING remotely illegal, but Angie's List is bullying me, and threatening me. They are using a tactic of enabling a cyber bully client of theirs to initiate their harassment. I have a former client who hates me because he received notice that his porch and deck are "dilapidated and dangerous" and in need of replacement, shortly after I did some unrelated work. This couple think that I called the city. However, they have no proof, and it wasn't me. All I can say is that, at the same time, they had roofers doing some work, and they had movers doing work. Both of these groups had to use the dilapidated stairs many times! They are blaming me because they believe that I am the most likely suspect due to a dispute over payment. Regardless, they shouldn't blame anyone. They moved out of the building and have tenants living there. They are obligated to provide a safe environment. Well, cut to the Angie's list bullying. Angie's list is claiming the negative review from their customer is "proprietary", EVEN THOUGH, I gave them links in an email to other websites where their customer posted the same exact lies/post. Angie's list is taking action against my company for posting THINGS LIKE THIS!! They are using their customer's feud with me to bully me. Angie's list WILL/HAS said that if I post ANYTHING LIKE THIS, it is considered harassment of one of their customers. WHAT???? Freedom of speech anyone??? Remember, their customer has posted the same thing everywhere, and I made NO mention of Angie's list until Angie's list started harassing me about it. Angie's list is retaliating because of the negative opinions that I've posted on my website, more than a year previously, and because I am helping with a class action lawsuit against them! I've spoken with an attorney and HOPE to sue! Disclaimer: Angie's list is a struggling for-profit public company who answers to shareholders and is driven by greed. I reference to one of their clients in this review ONLY because it is relevant to my review of Angie's List. I do not post any personal information on their client, who is slandering my company all over the internet. I am NOT writing this to harass anyone. I am writing this to give factual information on Angie's list totalitarian regime. Angie's list CANNOT limit my freedom of speech. They CANNOT destroy my Civil Liberties!
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my prior post on this side, from July 31:

Angie's list is now harassing me for speaking out against them, claiming it is harassment of one of their clients, and that THEY have a proprietary claim to the review that their client posted ALL OVER the internet.

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cyber bullying, slander, harassment
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Angie's list to stop harassing me, and stop cyber bullying, stop hiding behing a crazy customer of theirs, and leave me ALONE!