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Angies List in Indianapolis, Indiana - Defamed & Slandered Business

We were posted on Angie's List by one of our previous customers who felt we should be there & we have mixed feelings since customers are able to lie about the circumstances when dealing with us. So, we have decided we will never advertise with them because they obviously do not monitor the reviews, nor do they understand the difference between slander, libel or defamation of character. If it didn't cost so much, I would have an attorney call & explain it to them. There are always other considerations not being mentioned in reviews, especially those less than stellar like lonely women not being serviced by a repairman or customers pissed because they didn't get something for nothing or what they needed for little or no money or because we could not make it available for them. We are always honest with our customers but they are not honest with us & we recognize this when dealing with them. People hide behind their computers & they have lost their manners. When you are soliciting for a service that does not mean they work for you. They are performing a paid for service for you & they are not your slaves nor do they have to put up with your abuse. It's their money funding the business, not yours. You are just a customer & you do not dictate the terms under which we work. You either trust us to do our job or you don't & if we don't do something for you it is because there are other pressing matters like getting the area fields cut before the fires start or making sure our elderly customers don't die in the heat or anyone losing all their food because the fridge is going down or people who help disabled persons continuing to function. There are always priorities & people dying or struggling will take more precedence over non-emergencies. People need to get over themselves & start asking questions instead of making accusations. If you feel you are not being serviced, then ask or go somewhere else, but leaving negative feedback after you have become abusive towards a business just means you were a head case to begin with. Maybe someone was dying & had to be rushed home to die or recover or maybe there was a real & impending danger in the community. It doesn't really matter which but I will say this, we never promise anything to our customers we cannot deliver & if someone says otherwise, they are lying & being vindictive & malicious when they state so in their review of us because they didn't get what they wanted for themselves or the answer they wanted to hear. We've been doing this for a while & we are good at what we do & we can pick & choose our customers & if you left negative feedback, then we are relieved you will be going elsewhere because we didn't want to deal with you in the first place. There appears to be a real rash of insanity in this country with people thinking they are entitled & have the right to make demands of others. There is no such thing as something for nothing & you people need to get real. You need us to fix your stuff but we surely don't need you. We value & appreciate our good customers but they are becoming few & far between. It is the people at large who are making it more difficult to be in business these days & more stressful. You are the ones who elect the idiots who pass the legislation & you are the ones who vote for the freebies that need to be paid for by someone. You want change, then change yourselves & your expectations. If you don't give courtesy, you won't get it. If you are not reasonable or understanding, you won't get it. You bought the equipment, we didn't. You used it, we didn't. We will try to help you fix it, but you better take responsibility for yourselves because we didn't build it either. We will help you in whatever capacity we can because we are knowledgeable about what we do. But if you abuse our services, then you can go elsewhere & abuse someone else because we have better things to do.
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