Columbus, Ohio

I shopped for and purchased a used car from Lindsay Honda and have never dealt with so much incompetence in my life. From the beginning, they had my address wrong and even though I told them about it repeatedly, they still did not get it right until it was time for me to pick up the temporary title ... when I told them the document they wanted to give me was useless as it was incorrect.

Additionally, they sent me home from the dealership with only one key ... stating that the previous owner still had not given them the other two keys. Ten days later, I was finally able to get one other key from them but the valet key was never given to me, so now I'm driving around in a car that the previous owner still has a key to and apparently has no intent to give up. What's with that?

Four days prior to the 30-day tag expiring, I called the dealership to ask when I would be receiving the temporary title needed for me to transfer my tags. They informed me that the previous owner still had not turned it over to them!

I will never step foot on their lot again ... will take my car to any other Honda dealership rather than deal with such stupidity and incompetence again. I will have my vehicle serviced elsewhere and would reccommend that anyone interested in purchasing a Honda make a wide circle around this place.

5805 Scarborough Blvd

Columbus, OH 43232

SALES: 1-800-980-1241

SERVICE: 1-800-980-5169

PARTS: 1-888-620-5191

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