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Angies List Review Listing Review from Lansdowne, Maryland


Update by user Apr 24, 2016

They called us numerous times about paying them to enhance our listings, when we refused they removed all of our positive reviews the next day.

Original review posted by user Apr 23, 2016

Complaint wasn't resolved. It's obvious if you don't agree to sign expensive contracts to enhance your listings or to obtain front page views Angie's List will remove all your good reviews but leave any negative reviews to be seen. I'm sure A/L excuse would be some reviews are filtered or due to website maintenance issues. Isn't it strange that companies that PAY TO PLAY don't have their positive reviews removed. So consumers that PAY yearly fees to find unbiased reviews should also start requesting their subscription fees be refunded as the reviews are not legit. Maybe this will be the next class action suit against Angie's List. They lost $ 2.8 million on their credit card fraud case.
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Angies List scams are known to most people but they are getting so desperate they offer free subscriptions now. Why join when the reviews you read are done by Angies List reps and paid for by the businesses.

I want to see real reviews not ones that are bought and paid for.

They are just like Yelp. Lawsuits are in the works right now here in maryland against their unethical and fraudulent practices


Angies List will bother you with phone calls everyday telling you your site has had numerous views and you should advertise with us for front page views but its strange with all the new views not one call comes from Angies List. They do the same thing Yelp does.

Unethical practices.

They have 100s of complaints online about them ripping off small businesses for $1000s in ad fees which result in NO NEW CALLS> Stay away from Angies List. They will clean you out of every dollar they can get from you.


Angie's list said they are making changes to their website which might be why reviews aren't viewable. We called Angie's list and asked them about this and they said they make changes constantly to their site and that wouldn't have anything to do with problem so again they make up any lie to cover their unethical extortion practices just like Yelp is doing. I thing it's time to get businesses together for a class action suit.

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Angies List Review Listing
  • Extort money from you to keep positive reviews seen
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Poor customer service

Angies List review: Review in Internet category from Lansdowne, Maryland

We received numerous phone calls and emails from A/List that we had received positive reviews and we could be moved to 1st page views for large advertising fees. We explained we couldn't afford it at this time. A customer who placed a review told us they had removed all of our reviews. So this site doesn't offer unbiased reviews to the consumers. Unethical and fraudulent practices. The same thing Yelp is being sued for. We are adding a special section on our website to let customers know we don't deal with Angie's list or Yelp due to their unethical practices and that you must pay for reviews.
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Bad quality

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