Pretoria, Gauteng
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As a start up small business we were called constantly by Angie's List and asked to register. We did, with the promise of multiple lead generation. At a cost of $350 per month, 10 months in, we have received one lead. We'd need 5/month to cover the cost of the advertising.

Whenever we've contacted Angie's List to discuss, we were advised that we'd need to offer a 'buy now' deal for members. This comes with a price. We'd need to give Angie's List up to 20% of revenue. Basically, more than an average businesses margin!

We asked why we're not getting any leads. Well, your competitors have 100+ reviews in your advertising region so they're top of the list, you only have 5 so you're way down so you don't get seen, thats why you need further advertising with us!?!?...

This was never advised at contract phone call during the sales pitch. In fact, we've asked for a copy of the transcript to be advised, they won't release it unless we subpoena them with a court order!!...hummmm.....

We advised, two months ago, whilst you look into this to freeze payments, since then they've taken three more payments. See no resolve other than attempting to take the big dog to court...

To surmise, Angie's List is a complete waste of money with no ROI. They are all happy to sell you the product, then when you're not happy, its your fault as you're not willing to spend even more money with them.

Beware, if reviews are anything to go by, do your research on this company. Your advertising $ can be better spent elsewhere!

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Review Listing.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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