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I own a pest control service so I figured Angie's List would be a great addition to our marketing profile.

Let me tell you something about Angie's List.

First, they outright lied about the number of people searching for pest control on Angies List.

Second, we PAID $250 per month to be listed on it. I think we all have heard or seen the claim that "no contractor can pay to be on Angie's List".

Last, we were bombarded with calls from our representative to upgrade to different features and packages (which cost more, obviously). So the we get more reviews, more exposure, more business.

Angie's List gets more than 1/2 their annual revenue from advertising not membership, I checked. What does that tell you?

With Free services like yelp, google etc why would anyone use Angie's List?

Review about: Angies List Membership.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #831876

I work for a company who also paid to be on Angie's list. This company experienced the same issues with being inundated by solicitation E-mails and phone calls every day of the week & through out the day, even when asked to be remove from the call list.

Angie's list was very harassing at times pushing the company to purchase upgrades that would increase the companies sales volume. As long as the company was paying for the upgrades and monthly fees the company received good reviews. As soon as the company decided not to do business with Angie's list the company was hit with an F rating. By one of its members who never did business with our company.

When Angie's list was contacted the company was told the rating was valid with no real proof or verifying documentation, the member ever made contact with the company.

The member who made the remark was never even a client of the company nor did the company ever have any record of ever receiving any calls from the member. The allege member stated she spoke with a man, when there are no men who work in the office. Angie's list refuse to remove the rating and refuses to remove the company from their site.

Angie's list has no loyalty to it's contract members nor it's customers members. I would not recommend this site to any business/ organization looking to increase its sales.

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