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Contacted owner Jim, Very nice on first phone call. 6/29 Told me he offered a discount on his web-site. 1st week promised someone to come out. did not happen. texted him back and the same thing again. And then his wife

said he had a heat stroke. I can surly understand that. So he text me again.

Did not have any notes or remember the conversation. Text me your address. Which I did. I have all of my text messages that I can copy and paste. When I text him today 7/13 he and told him he should not be on Angies list if he could not keep his promise. He told me he wish me luck in finding a painter and have a great day....

This is beyond ridiculous customer service. all he had to say was maybe the end of July, or we are booked solid, instead of making promises he could not keep. I guess that's why he only have 5 reviews to all of the others that have over 300.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Painting.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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