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I was contacted by Profession Builders, Giovanni met me at my mom house in La Puente, California. He showed me a home he was building and a home he already built from outside (never saw inside) he gave me sent me 3 drawings, that the architect to draw some drawings and told me it would cost $100,000.

I went to the bank got a loan (long process) once I got the money, he told me it would cost $150,00 plus, my kids thought it would be a lot of money being that I am over 70 years old. My son was to rent the house once it was fixed, but it took so long, Giovanni took a vacation and had other jobs he had to finish. My son finally got tired and rented a place. I had another son that was diagnosed with cancer and I had to spend time with him.

I told Giovanni I could not use him it was too much money and at my age I could not go into more debt,. to send me a bill, an itemized bill indicating what he was charging me. It took months to get his bill, He sent me a bill for $3800

I repeatedly asked him to send me an itemized bill., the bill he sent me on 1/16/19 with the list of things he said he did, I never received those services in writing. He did have a man take measurement of the house inside $850.

Research city and engineering consulting $1250. I did not receive that. Preparation of plot plan, demolition Floor plan, Revised floor plan, Garage/Carpot plan, Revised Exterior Elevations, Door and Window schedules, and General notes $1750 never saw those plans. Total bill $3850.00 I decided to write him a check and be done with him.

BIG LESSION LEARNED NOT TO USE Angies List again. Seniors be aware.

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