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How can I get a refund

Jay McKnight with Professional Technical came out at least four times to repair my refrigerator. The first time he came and look at refrigerator and said that he could repair.

He ask for a $200 dollar deposit in cash. The second time he came he said he fixed it. But the problem still occurred not getting cold at bottom. Then the third time he said he forgot that my refrigerator had two thermostats and he had to get another one.

The fourth time he came he said fan was not turning by itself. The fifth time still not working. I paid him a total of $590. $540 in cash and 50 in check.

I am very PISSED OFF. He over charged me and I still don’t have a working refrigerator. He is ignoring my calls and texts.

I will be pressing charges against him and I am in the process of contacting my local news stations. I will NEVER use Angie List again and I let all of my social media friends know also so they can repost my complaint.

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According to the Angies List faq section, you can share your experience by submitting a review at The Angies List Complaint Resolution team may help you to solve the problem.
If you decline Complaint Resolution when you first leave your review, you can start the process later by contact Angies List by Begin Live Chat feature or Send a Message using Angies List contact form.

How do I go about sending a review (a good One) on Angies List.

by Akiyah Snr

I've had a general contractor put a patio and walkway in at my residence. The contractor was Tom Hicks of Thomas M.

Hicks - General contractor. All the hard work he did really paid off. I've had nothing but compliments on the work and the design of everything. He was very helpful by suggesting things I never thought of and it all turned out beautiful.

Knowing how he and his crew work, I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

And if asked, I would highly recommend them. Thank you,

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