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Angies list is a scam. I had a roofer on the list bargain with me for my business by allowing me to do some work myself for deductible. I can do the work with help from friends. the agreement was they repair my house roof, then strip separate garage and shed. they then supply materials and I finish. They also wrote up a bundle of other things in the est. when all was said and done I replaced inside living room ceiling, reshingled garage, and had to strip shed because they wouldn't and reshingle it. I also was only supplied enough supplies to do 1/3 of garage, none for shed. I then had to reside shed/buy materials. paid out of pocket (c/c) for the rest. They sent me a form to fill out for angies list????" I didn't. I added up the work they did compared to their est. I then paid what I owed for what they had done including partial supplies. I explained payment with no argument.


A few weeks later it snowed/iced and my porch and back room leaked. I called and was told my warranty was void because I did not pay all insurance money. In other words I dont pay deductible ( I find out later insurance fraud) and do 3/4 of the work out of pocket and they collect all insurance money for their 1/4 of shoddy work????????

They send a form for angies, list knowing I am not going to pay to join, and if I leave a bad feedback I'm sure it wont get sent.


Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

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  • First Solution Roofing
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He’s about the straight $800! ou stole from my mother.

Claiming to be a Grunt from 3/5 and Marine but no one I have served with for 2 years in 3/5 L. But no one I have has served with you in 14 years. Complete fraud.

Took money with a bogus receipt, taken advantage of a Marine mothballed then poof you ghosted out. Don’t worry you fake *** Marine you’re time is coming.


John Lukas prock.. JLP Solutions LLC..

EPIC Construction.. First Solution Roofing.. John Prock.. John Luke Prock..

Luke Prock.. He has so many aliases and companies. He is not an honest person. He never was and will never be.

He is the most crooked scam artist I have ever encountered. Beware of this lowlife.


I am original poster on this nightmare. So long ago dont rem.

Password. If John Luke cleaned up his act what are his intentions for the people he screwed in the past? Water under the bridge? Im better now but I stole your neighbors camper a while ago but didnt get caught so no biggie?

Im moving on?

Move on Luke. Dont go away mad, just go away!


This guy and his company isn't even registered with the state or county. His license is probably fake and he isn't bonded. But those who choose to work with this scam artist, good luck to you when you encounter problems!!


First, this is John Luke.

I would like to thank all the people that are standing up for me and my company.

At this point I would like to ask you to stop. It means the world to me that you would do this, but at this point it is getting out of hand, as well as playing into the game they are trying to play. If any of my present or current customers read this, please look at other legitimate places for your references on me. I can provide numbers and jobs for you to look at.

I made a mistake and choose to be with someone that is capable and vindictive enough to be like this towards me, my company, and employees.

Yes I have made mistakes in business, but I drive to better myself everyday even though I deal with situations like this. Thank you and I hope you have a great day.


You suck


This guy sounds pathetic. He's posting his personal issues on a website when he should be clarifying why he's such a shady contractor.


This is crazy and so is the person doing the harassment ... You have any questions you can contact him yourself.

In no way should anyone waste anymore time on this page. His phone number is as he put -817-308-8261. I'm positive he can clear up any of this and even show you how this harassment continues.

It's truly a shame. Have a nice day!


One would only need to use the same roofing company because they couldn't fix it right the first time.


It's sad to see such a page wasted. I am one of his customers & have known him for years.

This same negative person has contacted me as well. I knew it was lies, he contacted me again and let me know she's back at it. I have no such complaints and would recommend him even to my family. Sad to see a hard working person go through this when there are true scams being done.

In fact this post itself is a scam.

Hope this stops it's ridiculous, and shouldn't be allowed! As others said this is against the law


Hard working person? Luke Prock?

It's sad that he had to stoop so low to have his friends and family write fake comments to make him seem like a good guy. What's against the law is him scamming people left and right and telling lies. As of today March 18th, he has a warrant out for his arrest for writing a hot check. Does this sound like someone you would want working on your projects?

He could disappear to jail or just *** with your money any minute. It's just a matter of time.


You can continue to spread lies again multiple people have your harassing text and screen shots of all of your immature nonsense. Sad to see you have so much time on your hands .

As said in previous comment I promise you will be handled by the police yourself . Have a great day!


Actually, you are wanted by the police, John LuKe Prock. Have a great day!


This isn't John .. Funny you are so into what you claim but post anonymously !

Doesn't matter though keep it up !! This is exactly what crazy people do


This is sad and unprofessional. This guy has been exposed but yet you call other people crazy.

The only crazy person here is you, whoever you claim to be, and John Luke Prock. Keep your personal issues off of this, John.


I have used Luke Prock for numerous projects and have been very satisfied. Price was good and work done on time....many of my friends used him also after the storm here in Oklahoma a few years ago.

Have kept in touch with him for a few years now and am aware of a very nasty separation between him and the mother of his child. She has been trying anything she can to defame and ruin his ability to work.....I WILL USE HIM AGAIN.....


I've been by the Arbuckle address in Dallas where BBB has this company located and even called the number.. This company isn't even located there and the phone number is out of service.

And according to the comments posted by this Luke guy, he sounds like a total nut job.

I wouldn't use him. I would rather go with an established and reputable company.


Arbuckle address? Would that happen to be 2418 Arbuckle in Dallas?

If so, that is the address of his previous employer Gabe Abshire. Mr. Abshire's business that was located there was EPMG. It was a satellite installation company.

John "Luke" Prock used to work there as a Dish Network Installer. He scammed his employer and Dish customers to make more money on the jobs.

Crazy to see how some people never change but their lies just keep getting more extreme. People beware...he is not to be trusted.


Was this roofing company owned by Luke Prock or John Luke Prock? If so, he is still out there in Denton and Dallas area scamming people.. he stays out of Fort worth HEB area now.


I remember the name Luke. I have since checked and cant find first solution roofing and his ph # doesnt work.