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we joined angie's list because of a disastrous experience we had with our kitchen remodel. after joining, we were looking through angie's list and found our lousy contractor listed.

he had changed the name of his company but everything else was the same. appalled, we immediately contacted angie's list to let them know and were told sorry, but he was recommended by others (probably family members or friends). they had no intention of removing his name from their list and were unapologetic about giving his name out to others.

angie's list is a phony organization and completely misrepresents itself to the public. they're clearly in it for money only.

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To bad we all must get burned first before we come here.


Cas this is not the place for your rebuttal. This is a place where people are venting their frustration about your company.

I am a member of Angie's List and am tired or your corrupt ways.

There is a category missing from your reviews: Internet review companies

I'm sure you would have your fair share of negativity.


Ragbee, I'm sorry to hear about your experience with Angie's List. My name is Cas, and I work there.

I'd like to apologize--I don't think the people you spoke with properly explained that Angie's List does not remove providers from the List. We believe all feedback is relevant and our members should be able to see everything that's been said about someone they're considering using, good or bad. Simply being on Angie's List isn't a guarantee they're a good provider. Our reviews are done on an A to F scale, like a report card, and while there are many, many highly-rated professionals out there, there are also some bad apples we'd like to help our members avoid.

I hope you submitted a negative review on your experience with your flooring contractor so others in your area can avoid him if he has a habit of providing sub-par work.

We also have safeguards in place to prevent self-reporting by the company, and fake reviews from family. If there's anything I can do to help better explain Angie's List, please let me know.