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I am a contractor that was originally quite satisfied before the buyout. WE, as contractors, PAY to be on Angies List. I started at $600/month. They try to increase my annual contract between 21-25%. WHAT COMPANY ON GODS GREEN EARTH EXPECTS A 25% PROFIT MARGIN PER YEAR?

They are self serving. Don't care about what Angie started with, not the customer, or contractor's. THEY WANT YOUR $, and mine too. Bottom line. Check their stock performance over last 5 years. Craig Smith, COO, sold his 21,573 shares of stock, and another 3,873, and another 25,466 on 12/4/2018.

Angie sold over 30,000 shares on 12/3/2018.

Allison Lowrie, CMO, sold near 29,000 shares on 11/29/ 2018.

Now, tell me folks- when the ship is sinking, even rats know to get off.

Get far away from this company.

Interactive corporation (IAC) owns it now, along with 150 other companies in 12 different countries. And yes, they own Home Advisor- which is even a bigger rip-off!

I give Angies List 3 years before belly up. They are consistently in the red- over $133 million this year alone. Look at their 5 year trend.

Service doesn't work anymore. They should be holding a cardboard sign at the intersection soon.

try Google, Bing, YouTube, or Facebook.

Don't bother with Angies List. They are up to no good- and circling the drain......

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