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I received an email today from Angie's List stating that my business had a new review. I went in to check the review and was dismayed to find a negative review. After looking at the name and addres of the person that posted the review it was clearly a mistake. My family owns a construction company in NJ and this person is in CT. We are only licensed in NJ so we cannot and would not do work in CT. Aside from that we have no record of the person who wrote the review, never received a phone call from him, never met with him (which he states in the review) nothing. His complaint was that he never received an estimate, it wasn't even about shoddy work!!

So I called Angie's List this morning to make them aware that there was clearly a mistake. I mean even a first grader would be able to realize that we're only licensed in NJ so we can't work in CT. Well the first phone call seemed to go well. They said they would look into it and our complaint was valid since there is another company with the same name in CT. I even got a call back minutes later confirming that the review would be taken off the site that day.

I checked back in the afternoon to see that the review had still not been taken down. I immediately called back and went through a series of customer service and managers to no avail. THEY REFUSED TO TAKE DOWN THE BAD REVIEW! They allegedly confirmed with the person that it was indeed us that he had dealt with. I repeatedly told them that WE HAD NEVER DEALT WITH THE PERSON, EVER! But I was continually ignored. All I had asked was for them to take the review down until they could clarify what company it actually belonged to, since apparently there are three of us with the same name in the metro area, but the blatantly REFUSED! SCREW THE BUSINESS!! They have to wait to contact the *** reviewer yet again. I must have said it 100 times, WE DON'T KNOW WHO THIS PERSON IS, WE AREN'T LICENSED IN CT, WE WOULD NEVER MEET WITH SOMEBODY FROM CT BECAUSE WE CLEARLY CAN'T DO WORK THERE. It all fell on deaf ears.

Angie's List is the biggest scam out there. Anyone can pay $25 or whatever their fee is now, and claim that they are legitimate and honest and then slam you and your business!!! And Angie's List is clearly willing to take money from a business for advertising but if there is an issue on the side of the business, ***!!! Never trust Angie's List on either side! Don't pay for a subscription and don't believe any of the reviews!!

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yeah can't pay to be on angies list but you sure do have to pay to be noticed,they need a seperate catagory for small bisiness 3 or less employees I pay just as much as the companies that have 20 or more and most the time it is just me working can't afford it no more no calls in three months it averages to about $1300.00 per new cliant I only do A plus work so my price shows it and they {angies list}keep hampering me about storefront and other sales tacktits as long as they get thier 10% who cares,after all the care and time i put into my work there is usually a 15% loss per job anyway screw them,word of mouth unless your one of those scammers who only wants to be in bisiness for a year and do your tipacal drive through *** work then fine a you public hire them your be crying out my name in no time and its more :sigh


Hi,I'm an investigative reporter - I am currently writing a piece on Angies-List. On a public forum, I do not want to go into further details, but if you could contact me that would be great.

I would be happy to pass over to you the information I have collected from other people who have been seriously mistreated.

Please email: All the best


An AL "investigation" merely consists of them calling the reviewer to just basically verify the information they gave was correct. Beyond that they are not verifying that it is even a real person or a competitor. So in reality ANYONE can post a review about your company, real or fake, and they do nothing to fix it.

Aside from that you DO NOT even need to be a MEMBER to post a review on AL!! You only need to pay for their bogus membership if you are looking at reviews. In this day and age who needs to PAY to see reviews?!? There are plenty of other sites (Google, Yelp) that are totally free, and they are just as reputable, if not more so, than AL.

If you're on Facebook make sure you like the page "Angie's List is a Scam" It's not my page but I'd love to help it get A LOT of likes!!


Hi Kikid (and fellow commenters),

My name is Maggie, and I'm a reporter looking into Angie's List complaints. I'm specifically focusing on the advertising aspect of AL. I'd love to speak with you to hear a bit more about your story. Would you mind emailing me? I'm maggie [at] jeanchatzky [dot] com. (Minus the spaces; replace words with the real symbols.)

Thanks so much,



AMEN! We had the same experience in a very competitive market - we had never had a negative review until we entered a new market location and all of a sudden we got 2 "F" reviews from people we had NEVER heard of.

We complained and AL said they had to "investigate". 2 weeks later, they said they confirmed that the consumer knew our name, address, phone so that confirmed they had the right to post the negative review. Both reviewers claimed they were not called back and never had work done.

If AL would at least require that a consumer had to actually HAVE WORK DONE by a contractor before they can post a review (good, bad, or indifferent) at least there would be a paper trail confirming the post is not just another contractor bashing a competitor. NOT ALL CONTRACTORS ARE LIARS AND CHEATS (as another comment claims), UNFORTUNATELY SOME ARE.


I am so glad I looked this up, Angie's List has been trying to sell me on some bs, there is no way they can help me as I hand pick each client of mine to avoid this sort of drama whom selfish people, who act like brats and just negative internet talkers. Is there legal action that can be done to not allow Angie's List to post your business name entirely?