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While the service itself was helpful and as promised - as far as searching and reading reviews from other consumers. My complaint is with the membership process itself.

When you sign up, its a 1 yr membership .. and somewhere in the fine print is the fact that it will auto renew -- so they charge your card automatically after 1 year. there is no notice that you are set to auto renew -- no email or postcard reminder. Im sure many people overlook this and are surprised to see the charge from Angies List on their bank account.

Did they lie technically ..No. But did they make their auto review service as transparent or customer friendly as possible? No definately not. After seeing the autorenew charge on my bank statement, I contacted them to cancel my account.

This was 3 days into my new year of membership. The rep offered the expected counter offer to my request to cancel, I said no thank you. This is where I started getting upset .. Now I have asked twice to cancel my account.

She came back w a 2nd offer . Now I request for the 3rd time, please cancel my account. She says Ok, Ive cancelled your account effective April 2017. I said Id like my cancellation to be effective immediately.

She kept pushing back over and over until I finally found the verbiage on their website about their cancellation and refund policy. It wasnt until i copied and pasted that into our chat that she honored my request to cancel. It just shouldnt be that difficult to do business with a company. Ending thoughts on Angies List are the service wasnt worth the hassle of cancelling.

If you do use Angie's List. Be aware of your auto renew date and be prepared for a struggle when you are ready to cancel your service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Membership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Anytime I sign up for any type of membership like this or "offer" on the internet I use a pre-paid card. I use the same card a couple of times until the pre-paid $100 or so is gone, then I don't fund it anymore and I get a new one. Once the initial deposit on these cards is gone, they can't charge them, and they have to cntact you for a new card # in order to renew.


Fair warning, you will find the renewal charge on your account, even years later. Best to just cancel the credit card. This is the worst rip-off company that I have encountered.