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Angies List used to be my go to source for getting work done. But they have updated their site over a month ago which yielded no search feature and invalid results with wrong location. For instance, I searched for a handyman in Florida and got results that included Texas, North Carolina and Connecticut. Not only that, my search results were limited to 30... I KNOW there are more that that on their site from previous searches on the old site.

When I called a month ago I was told to try again in a week and the site would be fixed. Well here it is a month later and no fix... it might even be worse. When I called again, I got the same answer. I refused to accept that answer and, as a customer paying for a service I was not receiving, I demanded to know when the site would be fixed. After a long hold I was told the developers have decided that they would determine what search results would be displayed and the user would get no choice... WHAT???? Such arrogance, thinking they knew what you or I wanted and what was important.

In a nutshell,

- they are providing results you may not care about

- you can't sort the results yourself

- the results are incomplete

- the results include businesses in different states

- they really don't care what you think and believe they know what is best for you

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Website.

Reason of review: Website broke.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Broke Website
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Thank you for your post. I had looked at using them to locate someone to do some work on home, now after reading your post, I think I just stick to finding someone by word of mouth.


I had the exact same experience. I called and opened a support ticket.

I was told they were still migrating data to their new site. It's still broken months later.

I can't search for businesses where I previously left reviews.