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We did a remodel on our house last summer and I joined Angie's List to find a designer and vendors. The folks they referred were unresponsive and turned up their nose at our 60k + project. The one company that did respond was terrible. At another site, I found out...
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I had a similar experience. Inresponsive contractors and the one electrical guy wanted to overcharged by $20k ..

ridiculously to wire a bedroom and utility room. I found better contractors on Craigslist !!

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  • Being auto renewed when i thought it was cancelled
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Bad quality
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Full refund

Angies List in Austin, Texas - You gotta dig deep...

They don't assess "work not performed" at the same level as completed work. This basically means that if a contractor jacks you around for weeks, months, whatever, telling you that they are going to do the work, will be there tomorrow, and "no showing" again and again, they don't really get penalized. According to the people in Angie's List offices, it requires 8 "F"s from contractors like the one described above, to equal 1 "A" from work performed. My time is valuable, and thinking that you've found someone to perform the work, taking time away from my schedule to meet them, as well as not looking for anyone else since I thought I had it covered. I wasted almost 4 months with one of their contractors being treated this way. In looking over all of his reviews, he did this periodically with a number of people, but is still given an "A" rating. I think this treatment is every bit as bad as poor service, and should be rated accordingly.
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Poor customer service
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Let the company propose a solution
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I used Net Siding via an Angie's List promo for 16 hours of painting. Ed Trigo, the so-called "marketing director", came to my home and assured me that his "painters" would do a great job. That was when he wasn't trying to sell me windows. I asked him directly such...
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My issue is resolved and Angie's List seemed to be helpful in making it happen. I received a full refund from the contractor which frankly shocked me.

The contractor mailed me a money order which tells me they were not on the up and up anyway. Angie's List let me know it was coming after I received it but up to that point had merely stated that if the contractor did not respond to their request for resolution they would put them in a "penalty box". There was no update on any progress until the refund arrived. Angie's List also sent me a new survey asking me to review the contractor again based on my refund.

They stated that due to the resolution they would "discard the report I originally submitted". In other words, take down the negative review. That's not right. This means that all anyone will ever see is positive reviews for contractors, no matter how bad they are!

Due to this experience I have cancelled my membership and find contractors on my own now. Angie's List does not vet these people enough for my liking.

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Angies List in Austin, Texas - They charge companies to get to the front.

I thought Angies list was different. That they would not be bribed by companies with large budgets to get in front of customers. It's worse than that because they do charge companies and they charge the homeowners too. They are working both sides of the fence. I have about ten top ratings on Angies List and they should put me in front of customers because I am one of the highest rated. They wont unless I pay. That is disingenuous to say the least. My opinion is it is a scam. I pay yelp but they do not claim companies cannot pay them for more coverage, at least they are upfront.
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Hi,I'm an investigative reporter - I am currently writing a piece on Angies-List. On a public forum, I do not want to go into further details, but if you could contact me that would be great.

I would be happy to pass over to you the information I have collected from other people who have been seriously mistreated.

Please email: All the best



I just looked at angies list and what you say is true. Businesses can't pay to be on the list but they can pay to be the one that is shared as top 4. That violates the premise that the ratings are provided by the customer when they are in fact floated by advertising budget.

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The big deal works like this: you get an email from Angie's List with a discounted service (tree trimming, carpet cleaning, .etc). If you like the offer, you sign up for the coupon and the price (discounted) is paid for with your credit card (on file as you have to...
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From the business side - The Big Deal

For ex the regular price is $100.00, Angie's want you to offer it at a discount say $80. The owner gets 40% of the $80.

Angie's list keeps 60%

A job that would be $100.00 we are now only making $48.00

As a small business it is not cost effective to do these big deals.

We don't try to sell you more stuff when we get there. If it's too good to be true......

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