When I was placing an order, I was provided with a quote: time and price. Then it was a question: "Do you need help with buying materials?".

I said yes and my quote was increased for 1 hour/$139.

When contractor was actually doing the job, he bought the materials himself (BTW, it costed only $40). Then he asked me for reimbursement, he said they didn't pay him for materials, they paid him for the labor only (BTW, 4 times less than my price was). I called the Angies List and they confirmed: yes, I have to reimburse his expenses.

My question was: "Then, what did I pay $139 for?". Their answer: "For our service: you asked for help with buying materials."

So, it's like this: contractor buys the materials, you reimburse his expenses and just for letting Angies List know you did it, you pay them extra $139.

User's recommendation: Don't check "Do you need help with buying materials?".

Angies List Pros: Sales tactics.

Angies List Cons: Charging extra for service they did not provide.

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