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We have been Angies List business members for 9 years - Super Service Award winners every year. The cost for us has doubled every year with no noticeable change in the service they provide us.

This year they decided they wanted out credit card 9 months into a new contract for payment because they do not want to send out an invoice and take our payment in the form of a checks. We refused and will continue to send checks for payment - Angies List cancelled our contract NOT us and now they want us to pay an early termination fee. Now this is after I supposedly spoke with a supervisor that as long as I send in my payment it would be okay if I went and got a prepaid credit card just for Angies to keep on file - the card would not need to have any money on it...……. Because they do not have the technology nor the manpower to send out an invoice until the day that the bill is actually owed...

This is what I was told. So by the time I get the invoice it would already be late... Set up for failure much... So, if I can send payment with an invoice I can still send out a check, makes no sense to us either.

So they will get the August payment on the 8th instead of the 6th and, now I get an invoice with a cancellation notice saying we owe a cancellation fee even though they cancelled not us. Now two weeks later they have changed the tune AGAIN and, made a nasty phone call saying they do not accept checks at all and if I did not give a credit or debit card that day she would turn us into a third party collection agency. I made it clear I have 3 payments left and, I will mail a check as I always have. I will send out checks until the contract is paid in full.

This has been the worst company I have delt with in my life.

It is a proven fact they do not care about the consumer or the people paying for advertising - they are money hungry. The first two years it was .05 per member from then on because it did not fit their needs at .05 per member they threw it in my face that they brought me 300k worth of business - now this is a company (us) that has had straight "A" for nine years they are just so full of double talk and bs that I cannot wait until my contract ends.

Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Membership.

Reason of review: overall service.

Angies List Pros: Phone did ring.

Angies List Cons: Everything else.

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