I'm not pissed but you should all read the agreement before signing up. They will renew by getting the new credit card expiration date or the replacement card number in case you need to cancel a card. This makes me think that I will not sign up for Angie's List. Also items 12 & 13 in the agreement contradict each other. Just read the agreement. It is amazing! I think they may be able to keep billing people who have died for many years and the airs are stuck with the bill!

The following is from their agreement.

"Authorization to Update Credit Card Account Information; Account Updater:

If the credit card or debit card provided by You to Angie's List has expired during an attempt to renew Membership Fees pursuant to this Section, You authorize Angie's List to revise the expiration date and proceed with billing using the same credit or debit card account. In addition, as a convenience to You, Angie's List contracts with a third-party service that refreshes expired or replaced credit card and debit card numbers with the numbers of any replacement cards so that Your paid Services do not lapse because the credit card or debit card information initially on file with Angie's List has expired or changed ("Account Updater"). By registering for the Service and receiving a membership, You consent to and authorize Angie's List's disclosure of Your credit or debit card information to Account Updater. You further consent to the third party's use of such information solely in connection with Account Updater. You also consent to Angie's List receipt and use of updated credit card or debit card account information from Your financial institution in connection with the provision of the Service as provided in this Agreement and the privacy policy."

Reviewer is in happy mood. Please contact the author of this review to discuss "clear but unaccaptable customer agreement." of angies list membership. Angies List needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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