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I purchased a "Gold" membership from Angie's list about two years ago. The idea was that I would be able to get trusted information about vendors in a city that I recently moved to.

I have been a member of Angie's List for years and for years relied upon them for getting the best tradesman to work on my house at an honest price.

Two days ago, I opened Angie's List only to get a telephone number of an air conditioner tradesperson I used before.

Since then, I have received at least three calls from other tradesmen telling me that I made a request for service via another Website.

I also learned that these tradesmen are charged by this second company (Home Advisor) for leads that I did not want.

Today I received still another call, this time from Angie's List asking if I was satisfied with the information I received. I complained that I did not ask for assistance and I sure did not know that Home Advisor was either the owner of or a partner with Angie's List.

The Angie's List person asked if I would like to speak to the Angie's List Customer Complaint Department. I was transferred to Home Advisor.

After remaining on hold for ten minutes, I was given the option to have a Customer Care person return my call, which I elected to do.

Since being placed in their call queue, I have written several emails and then wrote this review. So far, the Customer Care folks at Angie's List DBA as Home Advisor has not returned the call.

Too bad, I trust friend betrayed (likely) millions of their customers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Angies List Pros: Angies list of three years ago, Old site where i could actually sort on quality, Fairness to the customer, Super service award, Idea of angies list.

Angies List Cons: New angies list and affiliation with home advisor, Poor customer service, Who angies list has become, Impossible to use, Fake reviews.

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