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I've now called AL 3 times regarding an unauthorized automatic renewal of my subscription via Paypal. I've been promised a refund and cancellation all three times. They have failed to follow through. Watch these guys--it's difficult to get Paypal to do anything about automatic renewals. I've found Angie's List to be useful from time to time, but these marketing techniques are a real turn off.

(Why do I have to enter a 100-word complaint? Why, why, why, why....up to 73 words now. Maybe I need to write a complaint about this site too! Yikes what a bunch of bureaucratic BS/nonsense--will it never end...pause for a breath, and another.


Product or Service Mentioned: Angies List Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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They did the same to me - charged my Paypal acct. I cancelled my 1 year subscription at least 4 years ago and had no other charges until this month.

Paypal indicates they do this because most don't notify paypal the agreement has been cancelled so when Angie comes thru and bills arbitrarily, they have no reason to question it. Shame on Angie! I've tried calling but the phone number is bad. This business needs to be gone!

What kind of business uses old billing info to pad their wallets? They obvious assume some people will just look the other way because the charge is small.

Yields a huge amount of income when you do it to the masses. We need accountability for this behavior as it is theft no matter how you cut it but our legal system does nothing!


I had the same thing, even after no contact either way for years. The credit card people had to reverse the charge. I guess the best thing is to ask for a new credit card number.